Road Transport

For years, IGIT Shipping & Logistics has been providing time-critical and tailored transport solutions to any requirement.

We are more than moving cargo from point A to B. In addition to our Freight Forwarding services, we are capable of providing inland logistic services and transportation which makes us a fully integrated supply chain organization.

From Country Specific documentation to warehouse management, we handle all aspects of the delivery process until your cargo reaches its final destination. Not only will this keep your cargo safe and secure, it will save you both time and money.

We facilitate and manage the pick-up, scheduling and dispatching of every load of your shipment, from a single pallet shipment to a full truckload, ensuring cost-effective, timely deliveries at all times.

Transportation of cargo by road requires a high degree of coordination on the part of the freight forwarding. To leverage the benefits of road transport, you need a dependable and high-performing freight forwarder and IGIT has got the experience to ensure your cargo gets to where it needs to be on time, every time.

We offer streamlined domestic road freight transport services which includes