Air Freight

When TIME is the most important factor of your delivery, our Air Freight service is your best option.

We cooperate with selected airlines to ensure timely delivery of your cargoes.

At IGIT, we are able to deliver your cargo to your destination with efficiency and a high level of security.

You’re guaranteed to have your cargo cleared within a matter of hours thus saving you more time.

We offer reliable and efficient air cargo services.

The proximity of our warehouse located at Ajao Estate, Lagos gives us an edge to move your cargo in less than five minutes to and from the airport.

Why Air Freight?

Your logistics needs are at the heart of our business, whether you need to move your most complex cargo across continents, the smallest of consignments- small shipment of samples or pallet loads, oversized and dangerous goods, IGIT Shipping & Logistics got you covered.

We coordinate air freight across the globe picking consignment from all over the world in conjunction with our international freight partners. We oversee the cargo entrusted to us at every stage of transport and will guarantee that your goods will reach the destination safely and on time.

We offer reliable and efficient air cargo services. Our services range from express and deferred delivery.

We specialize in clearance of the following;